are cordially invited 

once in a while, when you have time
(or every week, like church or golf)


with a few friends (or strangers)
somewhere (anywhere) and


Out Loud
Without Rehearsal (Cold)

For No One but Yourselves
(No Audience)
For Fun and Humankind

It’s like a book club

except we read aloud, with others—not as actors
(most cold readers never set foot on stage)—
but articulators with inquiring minds,
discovering a play at once, together.

We assume roles regardless of age/gender/type, and double up,
and swap around so everyone reads major roles.

Now and then we stop to “ad lib” (recap, question, clarify,
opine, debate, share insights—socialize),
until somebody reads the next line and we get back to the game.

It’s  Not “Acting”

Acting happens only after weeks of grueling rehearsal.
Most cold readers have never set foot on stage.
Some enjoying playing the game, reading “with expression”
(more and more, the more we read)
Others simply read out loud.
It’s not about performing. It’s telling a story.


It’s So Easy!

Just download a play and corral a few friends.
Or join a local group of readers (see our meager but growing list)
If you can’t find one, start one.

This site examines options for both first-time and familiar readers,
now-and-then or regular, from private reads in living rooms to
open conclaves announced through social media.
It also 
provides access to a growing collection of scripts. 


And It’s FREE!

It doesn’t cost a dime to read a play, presuming a script in the public domain that each reader downloads to an e-book (or borrows). Otherwise, one pays the cost of a photocopy or a used book.


We’re Here to Help

The purpose of this site is to facilitate Cold Reads

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Tabs at the top open pages that say what we’re all about.
Hover over the tabs for sub-topics.
Scripts and supplementary information are posted in the blog.
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Unrehearsed Discoveries of Great Plays