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COPYRIGHT LAWYER? Help us out. (We take no money and have no funds.) At what point does this service cross the line from Fair Use to Copyright Violation?

Cold Reads explicitly restricts access to copyrighted works to a single reading by a small group of readers (no audience, no money changing hands). Since our goal is to regenerate public interest in live theatre and dramatic literature by reading plays, we hope to justify Fair Use of protected material.

By submitting the form below, you agree to this condition in exchange for  password a specified play, which you’ll receive in a day or three. If you share the word others in your group, you guarantee the same for them.

Please don’t abuse this privilege.
You (and we) may be liable.


The first request is honored with no strings attached. To receive a second, one must post Feedback on the blog to document such use and share the experience with our followers. This condition applies for each and every request

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