Message to Members

Welcome to Cold Reads.

As a member, you’re most cordially invited to post news about your group of readers and share your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions with the world.

Sadly, you’re one of the few. It’s my own fault; I don’t promote it. This blog is still “under construction,” and until it’s done, I’m reticent. (I need an editor.)

Sadder still, my own group (on Facebook as Cold Reads/Charlotte) is a bust. I’ve read at least a play a week for more than a decade with any two or three to (rarely) a dozen (average a handful) of the 300-member pool, some regularly, some rarely (once), but only five have volunteered to host, only two more than once. Cold Reads should spread like wildfire.

Saddest of all, my Challenge last year to the nation to celebrate the Centennial Anniversary of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama by reading plays that won the award fell flat as a pancake. Not one soul signed up, and (to my knowledge) only I read all eighty-five. (See the History page on the blog.)

To make a long story short, I’ve taken a year to recuperate, reading only twice a month with my wife and a loyal few, and writing my memoirs. I upload plays to the Catalog and send passwords for scripts to readers all over the world; otherwise, I’ve shied away from the “construction” site. Too depressing.

But it’s also my True Faith that Cold Reads are far better in more ways than most of the other things we humans do to while away spare (quality). The question is no longer whether it’s worth the effort. Do I have the time? (I’m seventy-four.) Can I find the words? (My mind wanders.)

All of which to say I’m back on my (aging) track, “constructing,” trying to make it all make sense so I can reach out to collaborators who will ignite the wildfire grassroots movement. Any suggestions are welcome.

As are you.

George Gray

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