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Upload a Play

Anyone can upload a play to the CR/I catalog. Those in the public domain (published before 1924) will be posted as submitted; CR/I explicitly restricts access to copyrighted works to a single reading by a small group of readers (no audience, no money changing hands). Since our goal is to regenerate public interest in live theatre and dramatic literature by reading plays, we hope to justify Fair Use of protected material.

By submitting a play, you agree to this condition for yourself and those with whom you read.

Please don’t abuse this privilege.
You (and we) may be liable.

Author Posts

CR/I authors can submit plays in PDF format as blog posts.  Simply

    1. Click the Write tab at the top right of any page to return an Add New  Post screen.
    2. Enter the title in the Title block.
    3. Re-write the title in the text area, and select it.
    4. Click the Add (or Add Media) tab in the functions block to return the Media page.
    5. Click Add New (or Add Media) tab at the top. Your computer’s files appear.
    6. Select the the title of your play, and click Open. The Media page uploads the file.
    7. Click Insert (or Insert in Post). The Add New Post screen appears, with the link to your script.
    8. Add any descriptive information you wish to include.
    9. Click Publish (twice if called for). We’ll take it from there.

Visitor Posts

Anyone can email a script to, SUBJECT: Script Upload. PDF format is preferred, but DOC is acceptable. We will create a post for it and include it in our catalog, and publish it pending Admin review.



Best Play Lists

Looking for a good play?

Search on line for “Best Plays…” for sites listing and describing plays in a broad range of contexts. (These sites to not link to play scripts.) Some examples are:

Comment below to add links to this post.


I’ll update this post as time allows. For now, you’ll find a lot of scripts in the public domain the Gutenberg Project web site. These can be read on line or downloaded—or you can copy the text to an editable document and format it to save ink and paper.

124 random plays in PDF from Aeschylus to John Van Druten under Drama at .

Select from a list of 441 works of classical literature (poetry, prose, and drama) by 59 different authors at MIT’s Internet Classics Archives.

249 plays at Read Print (join to download).

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