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Year End Report

Year-End Report

It’s been a year since I created Cold Reads/Online—a Facebook group whose member hosts create events in which anyone, anywhere, can read plays together via video chat. In that time I’ve hosted well over a hundred such events, attended by friends (and strangers) coast to coast.

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Meet Cold Reads/Online

The Game Changer

The purpose of this first mass missive is to promote Cold Reads as an answer to the monotony of these troubled times—thanks to my recent discovery of ONLINE VIDEO CHATS. They add a whole new dimension to the game—especially now, when all the things that usually gobble up our time are on hold. While we can’t be all together in one place, we can read face-to-(digital)-face with anybody—anywhere in the world, in the comfort of our homes. Continue reading Meet Cold Reads/Online

COLD READS: the Film

Check out a short film by Cold Reader Albert L Dulin about why everyone in the Universe should read plays aloud, together!


To show our thanks, we’re happy to post Albert, to introduce you to him and promote his various livelihoodsplaywright, artist, musician, photographer, video producer, author of a recently published novel (Billie Heartwing).

MTA Post Mortem

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to present Cold Reads to members of the Metrolina Theater Association. We broke the ice by pairing up to read and ramble on 10-minute plays, then shared thoughts as a group. I talked for a while about how a cold read happens, referring to this web site; then we brainstormed on the reasons people do (and don’t) read plays. To wrap it up, the whole group started reading a full-length play we knew we wouldn’t finish.

A full account, including a transcript of my discourse, is posted on the Cold Reads blog. Continue reading MTA Post Mortem

MTA Event

On Sunday afternoon, October 12, I was invited to present Cold Reads to members of the Metrolina Theatre Association. Because I tend to ramble, I scripted the first half of of my presentation as follows, amended to suit a general (non-theatre) audience, with cues to prompt responses during the talkback.

I authorize and encourage (beg) anyone to use it as a guide to pitch the practice.  Continue reading MTA Event