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Moving around on this site is tricky. WordPress sets and fixes links to open the target page in your source window. If you close it, the site is history. To remain, use your browser’s Back button, click Home (or another tab), or right-click a link to open a new window (or tab). 

Contrarily, embedded in the content are internal links that automatically open posts and pages in new windows, forming a chain of tangent topics. Use them to follow a train of thought or review several scripts at once. Close them to return to your source. 

If this dichotomy is confusing or annoying, please comment and advise.

And Bookmark this page, just in case you erase your History.

WordPress Links

All the tabs displayed in the Menu bar beneath the banner at the top of every page and post are programmed to open targets in the source, as are all sidebar and footer links.

The Blog tab opens a list of links to all posts by date published, beginning with the latest, with the first few lines of text; the green Search square lists all posts that contain the entered word or phrase, and Categories in the drop-down menu (left sidebar) list those related to a given topic. Posts accessed from these lists are also WordPress links.


This site is a work in progress. Many of its posts and pages—especially those in Why Read Plays?—are rough and rambling, repetitious, searching for shape and cohesion. CR/I is desperately in need of an editor. (See Admin Apology in the right sidebar.)

CommentsAnything on this blog is subject to question, comment, correction, amendment, criticism, suggestion, and advice how how we can do better and grow. Please feed us back.


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