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In 1977, the Actors Theatre of Louisville’s Humana Festival of New American Plays took the short play a step further when it founded a brand new genre—the 10-minute play. This new format was an immediate and explosive hit with audiences, allowing them to enjoy an entire buffet of theatre in one sitting. Since that time, the 10-minute play has solidified its place in the canon of dramatic literature, and many theatres now include an evening of 10-minute plays in their production season.


One reason people don’t read plays is that it takes up so much time.


If you’ve never read a play (aloud, with others), sometime when you’re having coffee (or drinks) with a friend or two (or more), visit the Ten-Minute Plays (cast size) web site, download a play to your tablets, and read.

That’s for you. Hope you have fin and do it again.

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People don’t read plays for two reasons: they’ve never done it or they don’t have time.

It’s true. It takes three hours or more to read and ruminate over a typical full-length play. Often time runs out before the end, and readers either meet again or finish on their own.


Suddenly I realize one reason people don’t read plays


Unrehearsed Discoveries of Great Plays