Agenda for May 8

It looks like we’re a dozen: Adam, Scott, Hallie, Signa, Robin, Darlene, Sandra, James K, Stephanie, Catherine S, Catherine H, and me. Maybe more, who knows?

Another fifteen (Alexander, Gretchen, Graham, Annette, Cindy, Steve, Susan, Christy , Christy, Ginger, Vito, Sam, Barbi, James, and Kylene) are likely readers other days and times.  It’s a start.  Continue reading Agenda for May 8


Here we go

Here’s the plan so far.

PHASE ONE: Compile a list of people who are likely read from time to time and add them to the Cold Reads FaceBook group. If you haven’t done so, go there now and RSVP to the May 8 event.


Click MAYBE if you’d read from time to time at a convenient time and place. We’re trying to estimate participation.  Continue reading Here we go

Like a Phoenix from the Ashes!

Or not.

The Very Last Thursday Morning Morning Cold Read will be the 8th of May. Why beat a cold horse?

What happens next depends on how many people respond to this post with days and times they’re likely to show up once in a while to read. If the pool is large enough to guarantee a four-um (quorum of four), we’ll keep on keeping on.

Whether we’ll still be at Julia’s will depend on their availability at our best time. We may be looking for a new home as well.

Or, if there’s no significant response, we’ll quietly fade away.

Unrehearsed Discoveries of Great Plays