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We enjoyed the play, but struggled a little to get our heads around the number of settings. It was great fun though, and a new activity to do with our little group. We hope to do more soon! 12/18/17

Charlie Kenber: Water by the Spoonful

Cold Reads/Charlotte 6/14/16 George Gray and eight Cold Reads/Charlotteans (same as before plus John and Michelle) read O’Neill’s Anna Christie at Julia’s June 2 and 9.

George Gray: Anna Christie

Cold Reads/Charlotte 5/22/16 Thursday morning, May 19, George Gray and six core members of Cold Reads/Charlotte (Sandra, Gabrielle, Duke, Sara, Samantha, Patti) read Acts One and Two of Eugene O’Neill’s Beyond the Horizon at Julia’s Cafe & Books, and finished it a week later. We plan to read there every week, and focus exclusively on Pulitzer plays.

George Gray: Beyond the Horizon

Cold Reads/Charlotte 6/11/16 Six Cold Reads/Charlotte readers (George, Sandra, Audrey, Amy, Mary, Duke) read (most of) this bleak family drama Tuesday Evening, June 7, at Starbuck’s on Providence Road, and went straight home to finish. (Happy ending.)

George Gray: Icebound

Cold Reads/Charlotte 5/27/16 George and eight others (Sandra, Carolyn, Eddie, Gary, Patti, Joyce, Audrey, Rick) laughed at Zona Gale’s domestic comedy in the Matthews, NC, home of Louise Hord on Tuesday evening, May 24. Louise couldn’t be there, but her surrogate was most hospitable. Much discussion regarding social mores kept us from finishing, but we had a … Continue reading George Gray: Miss Lulu Bett

George Gray: Miss Lulu Bett

Cold Reads/Charlotte 6/25/16 Back at Julia’s Thursday mornings, June 16 & 23, for They Knew What They Wanted, Sidney Howard’s romantic comedy about a wealthy old Italian wine grower in Southern California, his beautiful new mail-order bride, and his handsome young friend and employee. George and Sandra, Gabrielle, Hallie, Duke, Dana, Andrew, Michelle. Duke had fun … Continue reading George Gray: The Knew What They Wanted

George Gray: The Knew What They Wanted

Sorry I haven’t kept up. Since my last report I’ve hosted gatherings of four or five to a dozen Cold Reads/Charlotte members, at which we read he following twenty plays. I’ll post a few reflections as time goes by. 1926: Craig’s Wife – George Kelly 1928: Strange Interlude – Eugene O’Neill 1929: Street Scene – … Continue reading George Gray: Twenty Pulitzer Plays since June

George Gray: Twenty Pulitzer Plays since June

Cold Reads/Charlotte 5/17/16 On May 16, Cold Reads/Charlotte kicked off the Pulitzer Challenge in the Hadley Theatre at Queens College. Twenty-three people (including Cold Reads founder George Gray and Pulitzer NC director Banu Valladares) split into four groups  to read Why Marry?  by Jesse Lynch Williams. “The place was humming with enthusiasm, conversation & laughter! Lovely … Continue reading George Gray: Why Marry?

George Gray: Why Marry?

Interesting play – read this in anticipation of a production being done in Brooklyn early next year. Funny how three are mentions of local NYC area towns in this script – Jersey City, Plainfield, even Brooklyn – which I’m sure will get a laugh in production and seem like a modern insert rather than the … Continue reading Joe Zack: The Skin of OurTeeth

Joe Zack: The Skin of OurTeeth

Tucson, AZ 8/14/16 A group of 10 had a wonderful Sunday afternoon enjoying the timeless satire of this Thornton Wilder classic. A group of approx 10 has met monthly since George is the greatest. I can’t stress how much potential fun this site can provide!!

John Brownlee: The Skin of Our Teeth




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  1. I did not get a group together to read “The Rose Tattoo,” but needed the script to write a review about a wonderful local production. It was very helpful to have Tennessee Williams’ exact words in hand. I love the (Sicilian) language and would not have wanted to misquote the characters. Thank you for making the script available.


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