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The (Dying) Lively Art.

Like Church (or football)

My One True Faith in the Willing Suspension of Disbelief

Lost these days between the Church and the Stadium…

Theatre—live on stage—is essential to human(e) existence. Of all the things people do to pass the time, onlyNothing people do is focused specifically and exclusively on understanding who we are as people. Nothing has more power over the way we think and feel than a well-made play well played. It stands between the Church and the Coliseum, afterlife or death than a well-played play good play, well played, ly human(e) than theatre. If we saw plays as often as we go to church, the world would be a better place.


A Human Need

Of all the countless ways we humans pass our time, only theatre, live on stage, brings us all together to explore our one unarguable common bond—humanity.

Think about it.

Theatre is the humanistic balance between religion and spectator sports without which people become less humane.

All the other performing arts engage specific facets of human (face, feet, arms, hands, voice); other artists paint or sculpt, write, compose, create abstractions that sVisual artists paint and sculpt; writers work with words; athletes glorify aggression; public speakers prey on minds—motion pictures are just that, for all their cgi-reality. No other human activity “holds the mirror up to nature,” as the saying goes, like a good play.creating abstracts of humanity. O

Without theatre a culture has no common metaphor, nothing to say we’re all in this together, we’re all people.

But that’s just the beginning.

So much divides our culture, more and more as things fall apart. Individuality and diversity have degenerated into fear and hatred of all not like ourselves. We’re all people, no matter what our infinite differences. If we went to the theatre as often as we go to church (or play golf), the world would be a better place.

Nothing in the world compares to seeing a great play performed by people who understand it and know what they’re doing. It’s better than the Super Bowl.

Long Live the Lively Art

Of all the countless ways we humans pass our time, only theatre—live on stage—brings us all together to affirm and explore our one unarguable common bond—humanity.

Think about it.
When a play has meat and the players shine, nothing in the world compares.

More profoundly, the magic that occurs when people congregate to share a common moment watching other people on a stage pretending to be still others, somewhere else, involved in tragicomic situations,  and (here’s the magic part)
Believing the Pretense!
can blow one’s mind.

Maybe reading plays will increase attendance…


Unrehearsed Discoveries of Great Plays

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