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Our Invitation to the World


The page you’re reading now

Play Time

Our Mission, Our Vision, and a Sample Dialog

Why Read Plays?

To fully appreciate the personal and societal benefits of reading (aloud) and sharing thoughts on plays, we recommend (implore) that you peruse this topic, and make copious comments.

Even if you already read, for your own reasons—if you just dropped by to download—read these whys and wherefores. If you’re not astounded by the implications, share your reservations. Otherwise, gather a group, download, and read..

How It Happens

For anyone who’s ready to give it a try, here’s how. Options range from simple private reads with friends at home to open conclaves announced through social media, and address both the occasional (or first time) reader and the regular weekly/monthly club.

Essentially, someone (the Host) selects a play, picks a time and place, and invites some readers, who all download scripts and read.

If you know how already and just want a copy of the script, you can skip these guidelines (although the tips are worth the read).

Choose a Play

Comedy or drama? Modern or period? One-act or full length? Realistic or stylized? Picking a play is like browsing through a book store; there are so many options.

Acquire a Script

E-book (recommended) or hard copy sources and suggestions.

Schedule a Read

Who reads, where, and when?

Play By the Rules

A typical cold read described, with options.


Post a follow-up report, critique, or testimonial and read feedback from other readers.

Join Cold Reads

Membership is not required to download scripts and read. Anyone, however, who would like to join our grassroots movement to incorporate Cold Reads into our popular culture is welcome. Join (or start) a local group and/or become a Member/Author on this site. There are no dues or obligations.

Start Your Group

Tips on organizing, managing, and growing a Cold Reads group

Facebook Groups & MeetUps

How to schedule events on social media.Instructions Links to play reading groups near you. If you can’t find one, start your own.

Affiliate Members

A list of Cold Reads groups and members with links to their posts.


Posts in many various Categories elaborate on the above, and may be used by members to promote local group activities, share insights and opinions, and upload scripts to augment our collection. All scripts are published as Posts in Category: Play Scripts under a range of sub-topics.


Find posts and pages containing a specific word or phrase, or select a Category from the drop-down menu.


Anything on thus blog is subject to question, comment, correction, amendment, crisicism, suggestion, and advice how how we can fo better and grow. Please feed us back.



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