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This FREE WordPress blog allows only three gigabytes storage space, of which so far we’ve used just over one. As members join and input data, we’ll soon outgrow this allotment. At that point, we’ll have to migrate up to 6 GB ($4.00/mo), then 13 ($8), which is the most WordPress has to offer—at which point we may need another platform. That’s beyond my technical expertise (I’m old, and my mind is slipping), but (hopefully) by then a fellow member will have taken the reins.

Quick Link to CR/I Application Form

There are two levels of Cold Reads membership—your local group, with whom you read, and Cold Reads/International, our grassroots movement to connect all readers and encourage the world to read more plays.

Local Reads

Your local group may be just you and a few friends. No formalities required; just get together now and then and read. If you’ve a mind, we hope you’ll join CR/I and keep us up to date.

Existing Groups

If your friends don’t read (or if you’d like to make new friends who do), there may already be a group in your community that welcomes new readers. Ask around, check local listings, search on line; maybe you’ll get lucky. The sad fact is, they’re very few and far between— lists only 62 play reading groups world-wide; a Google search yields even fewer, mostly in England and around New York.

Such groups range in scope and purpose from closed circles to open pools; some cost money, require attendance, have special agendas (some read only Shakespeare). Buyer beware.

Current Cold Reads member groups are posted in Role Call and connected through a parent Cold Reads Facebook Page.

If there’s not a group near you, START ONE

See Start a Group for tips on recruiting, organizing, managing, and growing a Cold Reads group. To connect your group via social media, see Connect On Line.

Cold Reads/International

Interact with readers everywhere by joining our CR/I blog. The more of us who climb on board, the more the grassroots spread. There’s strength in numbers.

Click Here to request an invitation. (You will need a FREE, no obligation WordPress blog to apply.)




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