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There are two levels of Cold Reads membership—your local group, with whom you read, and Cold Reads/International, our grassroots movement to connect all readers and encourage the world to read more plays.

Local Reads

Your local group may be just you and a few friends. No formalities required; just get together now and then and read. If you’ve a mind, we hope you’ll join CR/I and keep us up to date.

Existing Groups

If your friends don’t read (or if you’d like to make new friends who do), there may already be a group in your community that welcomes new readers. Ask around, check local listings, search on line; maybe you’ll get lucky. The sad fact is, they’re very few and far between— lists only 62 play reading groups world-wide; a Google search yields even fewer, mostly in England and around New York.

Such groups range in scope and purpose from closed circles to open pools; some cost money, require attendance, have special agendas (some read only Shakespeare). Buyer beware.

Current Cold Reads member groups are posted in Role Call and connected through a parent Cold Reads Facebook Page.

If there’s not a group near you, START ONE

See Start a Group for tips on recruiting, organizing, managing, and growing a Cold Reads group. To connect your group via social media, see Connect On Line.

Cold Reads/International

Interact with readers everywhere by joining our CR/I blog. The more of us who climb on board, the more the grassroots spread. There’s strength in numbers.

Click Here to request an invitation. (You will need a FREE, no obligation WordPress blog to apply.)





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