Local Groups List

Affiliate Members

Groups and individuals listed below have joined this blog, and may post activities and related articles in Category: Members/(Name).  as indicated: As others join, the list will grow. (Needs updating.)

Cold Reads/Charlotte, NC,  has nearly 300 registered members, any two or three to a dozen of whom attend reads posted on Facebook. If you’re near, join us.

Marietta Cold Reads is a small, private group led by David Watkins, reading twice a month since 2015.

Unaffiliated Groups

A few of the few found via Google. More to come.

The San Francisco Play Reading Meetup Group

Brooklyn Play Reading Group

Toronto Cold Reads

East Bay PlayReaders

Toronto Play Reading Group

We Perform Readings of Great Plays and Scripts (Culver City, CA)

Unrehearsed Discoveries of Great Plays

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