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Small groups can communicate in person, by phone or e-mail, or engraved invitation, but a larger pool works best on social media. Several platforms are available, some for pay, with bells and whistles (like, others  free, like Google+ and Facebook. All provide controls for membership, allow members to post and respond to messages, links, and images, and include a simple format for scheduling events—banner image, headline, date and time, location (with map), description, guest list, and RSVP.

Facebook groups are for Facebook friends, friends of friends, and anyone on Facebook, most of whom are not at all (yet) interested in reading plays. MeetUp recommends your group to MeetUp members in your geographic area who share your interest, but it’s $15 a month, and Cold Reads meant to be free, so we use Facebook.

Start a Facebook Group

Anyone on Facebook can create a group, invite friends to join, and schedule a read:

  1. On your Facebook Home page, click the arrow at the right end of the blue bookmark bar to reveal drop-down menu
  2. Click Create Group to display the pop-up form.
  3. Enter the Name of your group, add names of members (Facebook Friends) and an (optional) message (click the blue icon), pick a privacy policy (see below), check “pin to shortcut” for reference, and click Create.

Your Group page will appear, on which you may add a banner photo, description, and other information.

Privacy Options

  • Public groups are visible to all Facebook readers. Anyone can see posts, make comments, and join events; members can post updates and schedule reads.
  • Closed groups can be seen by anyone on Facebook, but only members see posts and events.
  • Secret groups are invisible to all but members.


By starting the group, you become its Administrator. To share the load, you may designate other members as Administrators. (Click Members; click the gear icon by the member’s name for a drop-down menu; and click Make Admin.)

By default, Facebook allows any member to publish posts, schedule events, and invite new members to join the group. To monitor these privileges, you may subject them to Admin approval. Click *** for a drop-down menu; click Edit Group Settings; and select the appropriate Admin options (“Any member can add members, but an admin must approve them,” “Only admins can post to the group,” and/or “All group posts must be approved by an admin.”

“Just Us” Groups

Both Closed and Secret Groups (“Just Us”) consist of no one but you and your circle of friends. Only those allowed to join are privy to its posts and events.

Open Groups

A Public Group is open to all Facebook users, any of whom may sign up for a read and, pending Admin approval (see below), join the group, post updates, schedule reads, and add other members. An open group is an excellent way to recruit a large pool of potential readers from all walks of life and connect them with one another.

The proto-typical Public group is Cold Reads/Charlotte.

Create a Facebook Event

To schedule a read Home  (pending admin approval), from your Group page,

  1. Click Events in the left sidebar.
  2. Click Create Event (upper right on the Menu bar.
  3. Upload a banner photo (optional)
  4. Type the name of your event (the play), location, date and time, a blurb about the occasion, including a link to the script. If the reader pool is large, stipulate the maximum number of you can accommodate—first come, first served. (The Invitations post addresses blurbs and guest lists.)
  5. At the bottom of the page, select (or de-select) “Invite all members of [group name]” If not checked, you must invite each reader individually, by name.
  6. Click Create. Your Event page appears.
  7. Click Invite for a drop-down list.
  8. Click Choose Friends for a list of member friends.
  9. Check the circle beside the names you’d like to attend.
  10. Click Send Invites. You may also (pending admin approval) share this invitation on your Timeline and with other Facebook friends and groups.




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