Role Call

Dateline: Summer, 2020
CR/I Goes Public

Welcome All New Members

Although this site was launched in 2014, it’s only purpose until now has been to provide links to scripts for Cold Reads/Charlotte. It’s taken that long to arrange the arguments and develop the protocols.

Although it’s still far from perfect, all the nuts and bolts are here, and we’re emerging from our cocoon.

How about a prize of some sort for the first 100 members?


Individual members

  • George Gray, Founder (
  • Lynne Marcus
  • George Fear
  • Leah Cohen
  • Brandon Wallace
  • Albert Dulin
  • Sandra Gray
  • Lwazi Nkiwane

Group Members

Cold Reads/Online is a potentially massive, truly international Facebook group whose members can read with friends (or strangers) anywhere in the world, host readings for host reads, invite  Facebook friends, and create local CR/I affiliates, all connected through CR/I.

Cold Reads/Charlotte, NC,  has nearly 300 registered members, any two or three to a dozen of whom attend reads posted on Facebook. If you’re near, join us.

Marietta Cold Reads is a small, private group led by David Watkins, reading twice a month since 2015. No web presence.

Merl Reagle Irregulars in Tuscan, AZ. Details TBA.

Zoom Into Theatre in Charlotte, NC

Circle of Readers in Vermont. Details TBA



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