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There are two levels of Cold Reads membership—your local group, with whom you read, and Cold Reads International, our grassroots movement to encourage the world to read more plays.

Local Reads

Your local group may be just you and a few friends. No membership required; just get together now and then.

If your friends don’t read (or if you’d like to make new friends who do), you may find an existing group in your community that welcomes new members. Sadly, these are very few and far between. A list of (currently only) 57 MeetUp groups world wide (so few, so far between, so diverse) appears at Otherwise, check local listings of clubs and events, and browse on line for “play reading groups,” etc.

Such groups can range in scope and purpose from closed circles to open pools; some cost money, require attendance, have special agendas (some read only Shakespeare). Those affiliated with Cold Reads (open to the public free of charge, following policies and protocols suggested on this site) are linked under Affiliate Members and connected through a parent Cold Reads Facebook Page.

If there’s not a group near you, start one.

See Start Your Group for tips on recruiting, organizing, managing, and growing a Cold Reads group. To share your group on line, see Facebook Groups & MeetUps.

Cold Reads International

Interact with Cold Readers everywhere by joining our blog and posting your group’s activities, uploading scripts and photos, and engaging in lively debate.

Click Here to request an invitation. (You will need a FREE WordPress blog to apply.)





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