Lou LeButts: Red Light Winter

Had a great time reading Red Light Winter at a family reunion. Was inspired to do so after realizing we had the perfect cast! Had a rotating audience of cousins who were all very curious about the subject matter.

Charlie Kenber: Water by the Spoonful

We enjoyed the play, but struggled a little to get our heads around the number of settings.

It was great fun though, and a new activity to do with our little group. We hope to do more soon!

Winnette Glasgow: Lost in Yonkers

It was a touching, funny play. The luckiest one was the one who got to play the grandmother. That was the best part in the whole play.

Peter A. Philips: American Blues

Date of Read: February 7,8, 2017

Venue: Private (Home)

Number of Readers: one

How Did It Go?: ~Much appreciate receiving this collection of Williams one act plays. Particular interest in this collection is “Ten Blocks on the Camino Real” as a primer toward an anticipated production/lecture series on “Camino Real.” Am a recent elderly MA Theater graduate having choreographed Williams’ “Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen” as a thesis project.~

Saurabh Fadnavis: Disgraced

Had a a nice time with a bunch of friends reading this play about identity crisis. Author’s take on denial of heritage is interesting and engrossing.

John Brownlee: The Skin of Our Teeth

Tucson, AZ 8/14/16

A group of 10 had a wonderful Sunday afternoon enjoying the timeless satire of this Thornton Wilder classic. A group of approx 10 has met monthly since

George is the greatest. I can’t stress how much potential fun this site can provide!!

George Gray: Twenty Pulitzer Plays since June

Sorry I haven’t kept up. Since my last report I’ve hosted gatherings of four or five to a dozen Cold Reads/Charlotte members, at which we read he following twenty plays. I’ll post a few reflections as time goes by.

1926: Craig’s Wife – George Kelly
1928: Strange Interlude – Eugene O’Neill
1929: Street Scene – Elmer Rice
1931: Alison’s House – Susan Glaspell
1932: Of Thee I Sing – George S. Kaufman, Morrie Ryskind, Ira Gershwin,
1933: Both Your Houses – Maxwell Anderson
1934: Men in White – Sidney Kingsley
1935: The Old Maid – Zoë Akins
1936: Idiot’s Delight – Robert E. Sherwood
1937: You Can’t Take It with You – Moss Hart, George S. Kaufman
1939: Abe Lincoln in Illinois – Robert E. Sherwood
1940: The Time of Your Life – William Saroyan
1941: There Shall Be No Night – Robert E. Sherwood
1943: The Skin of Our Teeth – Thornton Wilder
1945: Harvey – Mary Coyle Chase
1946: State of the Union – Russel Crouse, Howard Lindsay
1949: Death of a Salesman – Arthur Miller
1952: The Shrike – Joseph Kramm
1953: Picnic – William Inge

Mary Masterman: Dinner With Friends

Went great! My visiting daughter and son-in-law, along with my husband and myself read this after a family dinner. I’ll be pitching the idea of a play reading group to a retirement community in October. Wish me luck!

Mary Rickard: The Rose Tattoo

I did not get a group together to read “The Rose Tattoo,” but needed the script to write a review about a wonderful local production. It was very helpful to have Tennessee Williams’ exact words in hand. I love the (Sicilian) language and would not have wanted to misquote the characters. Thank you for making the script available.

Joe Zack: The Skin of OurTeeth

Interesting play – read this in anticipation of a production being done in Brooklyn early next year.
Funny how three are mentions of local NYC area towns in this script – Jersey City, Plainfield, even Brooklyn – which I’m sure will get a laugh in production and seem like a modern insert rather than the original play.
As far as the play goes – it borders on the absurd; has it’s comical moments, mostly in the asides Sabrina gives to the audience when she totally shatters the fourth wall and reminds everyone this is a play…