George Gray: An Enemy of the People

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Every Thursday at 10:00 AM
May 14

Yesterday, Sandra and I ZOOMed with Robert, Albert, Maddy, David, Mary Alice, Steve, and Joanna to read the first two acts of Ibsen’s immortal—and all too timely—play, An Enemy of the People. (We all know who that is these days.)

I won’t go into all the details—you can read the play. Try it with friends (on ZOOM).

And post a mortem for the group.

I will note that we all marveled at Ibsen’s craftsmanship, his insights into the ironies of self-serving human nature, which triggered both revulsion and sardonic laughter among us all. We’re looking forward to next week.

Robert moderated marvelously—according to Robert’s rules. We read straight through Act One, discussed it briefly, read Act Two, discussed, and then (with a half hour left) read into Act Three (of Five). He knew the play, made his points, and solicited input from the rest of us.

Meanwhile, this Sunday at 4:00 on ZOOM, I’ll moderate a reading of my own historic drama, “The Dog Man of Brignoles,” and you’re all invited to participate (see comment).


I’m also reading plays at various times on different days, titles TBA. What would you like to read when?