George Gray: Sitting for Suzie

Cold Reads/Charlotte
Every Thursday at 10:00 AM

Yesterday a dozen of us met on ZOOM to read Act One of Sitting for Suzie by local playwright (and cold reader) Albert L Dulin, and had so much fun we’re coming back next week for Act Two. We’d ask you to join us, but more than twelve gets confusing, audio garbles as conversations overlap. Eight’s ideal.

Which doesn’t mean you can’t download the play, schedule an event on the Cold Reads/Charlotte Facebook page, please?), invite eight or ten friends, and get together on ZOOM to read. Contact me if you need help, and (please) post a follow-up when you’re done.

Meanwhile, once we’ve finished moving (to Gastonia, my home town), I’ll be hosting reads at other times, on different days.

Finally, I’ve come to realize that most of you have either blocked this page or (like me), get so many notifications that you mark Cold Reads posts as read without the reading, because very, very few of our 270 members ever respond. As time goes, I’ll message each and every so-far-silent member to confirm that you’re in the loop and on board.

Comments? Questions? Attitudes?