Personal Enrichment

The simple act of reading aloud is not only highly beneficial to the human brain; it also improves our speaking habits and communication skills, reading comprehension. Reading , sharpens communication skills, and increases our awareness of dramatic art.

escientifically proven to expand the power of your brain (see Reading Aloud is Good for the Brain); it also enhances reading comprehension and develops communication skills. Reading plays 

In the end we realize that “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

Brain Power


Communication Skills



. Itexcites the brain, enhances reading comprehension, engages the imagination, allows us to express the thoughts of others.

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It Makes Us Better People

Benefits of Cold Reads range from personal growth and cultural awareness to a collective appreciation of the human condition and a recognition of our commonality. Many are astounding and profound. For instance, science tells us Reading Aloud Builds Up the Brain.

If we never see (or read) these plays, we don’t know human history.

Beginning with the scientific proof that Reading Aloud Builds Up the Brain, the benefits of this pastime range from enhanced reading, speaking (clearly and distinctly), and interpersonal communication skills (listening, engaging) to awareness and appreciation of the literary art of Drama (Poetry and/or Prose as dialog) and a deeper understanding of oneself and humankind.

Among other things, it stimulates imagination, improves knowledge of human history, generates self-confidence, and fosters friendships based on mustal  experience.

We may even try a little acting, learn the skills good actors practice: speaking loud and clear, listening, observing, imitating, analyzing, imagining, expressing inner feelings, exercising. We judge people by the way they act.



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