Charlotte Readers Retreat to the Hills

The following was posted on Facebook and Meetup earlier this week.

Mountain Retreat 2016a

August 19-24

Open Invitation

Sandra and I will be reading a play a day at my brother’s vacation home in Seven Devils (near Boone), and we’d love to have the company of as many as the house will sleep (six in three bedrooms, nine in the basement dormitory).

Drive up, spend a night or five, socialize, enjoy the mountain air, see the sights, and read some Pulitzer plays.

Please click GOING and add a comment indicating which night(s) you plan to stay, so we can plan.
If you get lost on the way, call me at 704-661-7585.
Linen is provided.
Food and drink are BYO, although we’ll likely share some meals. The grocery store’s in Boone, but there’s a convenience store at the bottom of the hill and the Grandview Restaurant serves great breakfasts.
If we’re more than eight or ten, we’ll fight for hot water.

Everybody gathers for the daily read (Friday evening, Saturday-Wednesday brunchtime). Otherwise, there’s no commitment; we’re all on our own to come and go, do as we will.

Be aware that fellow readers may be strangers from other walks of life. If that makes you nervous, bring a friend.

Wifi up there is iffy.

You will need a PASSWORD to access this page. Click GOING and I’ll send it to you.

Friday: Abe Lincoln in Illinois, by Robert Sherwood
Saturday: The Time of You Life, by William Saroyan
Sunday: There Shall Be No Night, by Robert Sherwood
Monday: The Skin of Our Teeth, by Thornton Wilder
Tuesday: Harvey, by Mary Coyle Chase
AND if anyon’s left by
Wednesday: A Streetcar Named Desire, by Tennessee Williams


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